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Digital Marketing Agency for
Fitness Studios

Fill Your Fitness Studio
with Marketing That Motivates

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Portland Fitness Studio Marketing

We grow fitness brands with our custom marketing strategies specifically designed for fitness studios in Portland. But it’s more than that: we inspire and motivate your customers in their own fitness journey. Your studio and your brand become more than just a physical location. Utilizing our social media marketing for fitness, SEO, web design, and paid media services, we market your purpose so that your customers desire to play an active role in changing their own lives. 


With a passion for fitness and health, our mission is simple: engage your customers, tell your fitness story, and grow your client base, while you refocus your attention back on your craft. 

Fitness Industries We Work With

Yoga Marketing

Personalized and brand-specific digital marketing for yoga studios in the Greater Portland area. Connect with local customers and grow your studio following with thoughtful, wellness-centered yoga marketing.  

Pilates & Barre

Stand out from other studios with our full-funnel pilates marketing plans designed to highlight pilates and barre studios. With a promise to stay true to your brand mission, we’ll differentiate you from other studios as we help you thoughtfully grow your customer base. 


Spend more time training your existing clients in CrossFit, HIIT, and strength training, and leave the marketing expertise to us! With a full-funnel digital marketing strategy for a gym, we’ll help you grow and scale all aspects of your business.

Build Your Community of Fitness Enthusiasts

We partner with fitness studios to help them grow their client base and stand out against the highly-saturated fitness studio market. The first step: market locally and intentionally to set your studio apart.

Enhance Sales

Even with the best purpose and mission, every studio needs consistent new customers. With an analytical approach to sales and marketing strategy, we help you share your fitness passion while growing a sustainable and loyal customer base.

Inspire Your Customers on Their Fitness Journey

As a fitness marketing agency in Portland, we serve fitness studios with innovative full-funnel marketing. 


We focus on Website Design that leaves lasting impressions, Social Media Marketing that effectively builds your customer base, Paid Media that motivates and inspires, and SEO services that increase quality traffic and help you gain local, new customers. 


With a comprehensive and customized fitness studio marketing strategy targeting all stages of the customer journey, you get access to our talent and expertise while gaining valuable time to focus on your  business and your own fitness journey.


With niche marketing plans created specifically for Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Barre Studios, Fitness Centers, Gyms, and more, we help you grow your customer base by sharing the unique classes and services you offer fitness enthusiasts.

We aim to partner with purposeful brands to drive positive change in peoples’ health through an effective fitness studio marketing strategy. Gain time to focus on running your business so you can continue changing people’s lives through your health services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best digital marketing for gyms?

What are some of the best gym marketing campaigns? Consider using online advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to reach a larger targeted audience and attract new members. 

Good Theory Media is a Portland gym marketing company that specializes in paid media campaigns to grow your gym business.

Why is digital marketing important in the fitness industry?

It helps to redefine your fitness brands goals and work toward those goals. You can formulate the best fitness marketing campaigns for your business. It helps to find your target audience or niche and target appropriately. It is because you cannot appeal to every audience in the same way. 

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