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Social Media Marketing & Management

Lead generating campaigns that build brand awareness and promote customer engagement and loyalty through captivating content

Strategic Discovery Session

This session aims to learn as much as possible about your brand. This includes business goals, vision, mission, and ideal messaging tone, as well as what has worked well, and what are your current challenges. Most importantly, we want to define your ideal path forward and what success looks like for your brand. 

The second key piece is to understand the competitive landscape. If we know the strengths and weaknesses of your direct competitors, we can better align a strategy to exploit those gaps and better serve your dream customers.  


Original Content Creation

We will support your social media presence by creating bold, custom, pre-approved content, which is often the most painful part for our clients to undertake on their own. Leave this arduous, yet crucial task to Good Theory Media's team of experts. We'll take what we learned from the discovery session, and current industry best practices to ensure we're effectively targeting your audience with captivating content that makes them loyal to your brand and mission. 


Planning & Calendar Organization

The quality of your social media posts is very important, but the volume of posts may be more impactful. Good Theory Media's planning and calendar organization allow us to schedule daily posts across multiple platforms while removing the headache and stress from your plate – allowing you to refocus your time and energy on your business.


Dedicated Social Media Manager

Good Theory Media will provide a dedicated social media manager from day one, who will be alongside you at the helm for the duration of the partnership. The social media manager is responsible for content strategy, planning & calendar organization, analyzing what works well and doesn't work well with your audience and sharing the findings in monthly progress reports, as well as actively engaging with your community. They will also be heavily involved in the post promotion (ad boost management), ensuring additional reach with lasting impressions. 

Need Fresh Content?

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