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Portland Paid Media & Advertisement

Generate quality leads that are relevant to your brand and convert them into repeat customers

Paid Search

Paid Search generates high-converting warm traffic to your website, as these ads are strategically placed in front of users already searching for your industry or keywords. Commonly used paid search ads can be seen at the top of a Google search and come before the organic search results. Remarketing campaigns are another example of Paid Search advertising, which targets users that have previously bounced (landed on a website page and left without performing a specific action) from your website.  


Paid Social

We will focus on growing your brand's organic traffic on your social media platforms first, but organic traffic should not be your only avenue. If you feel like some of your posts gain traction, while others fall flat, you're not alone. With Paid Social Media Advertising, you're ensuring your posts catch the eyes of strategically targeted audiences while avoiding the everchanging algorithms. Parameters can be set to ensure the targeted audience falls into a specific income range, live in a particular geographical location, or support remarketing campaigns by only targeting members that had previously engaged with your website. 

Good Theory Media's advertising team will regularly share in-depth campaign analytics that provides insights into the effectiveness of the campaign, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your brand. 

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